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The Wheel of Life

March 3, 2023

The Wheel of Life is an analysis tool. It’s an amazing way of understanding exactly what areas of your clients life need the most time and attention at the very beginning of your coaching programme. You will gain a deep understanding of just how satisfied your client is with these core areas of their life. Please note, the word here is ‘satisfied’. That is what we are asking our clients to rank out of 10. So, for instance, we could have a client who is single, yet, they rank the category of Significant Other at a 9 because they are very ‘satisfied’ with being single. Once we understand the level of satisfaction our clients hold for these core categories for their life, we can see whether or not their current life journey would be a smooth or bumpy ride. After this initial analysis, the aim would then be to coach our clients so that we can raise the satisfaction levels within areas of their life which have a lot number. A very simple, yet powerful method.

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