TCM Accreditation

The Coaching Masters 12 Week Accredited Online Training Course!

  • You Will Start Your Own Business, Pick Your Own Hours And Control Your Income.
  • You Will Be Working Online From Anywhere In The World From The Comfort Of Your Own Home.
  • You Will Be Your Own Boss And Make Your Own Decisions.
  • You Won’t Need To Hold Any Stock, Have An Office, Or Manage Any Staff
  • You Will Be Able To Create Powerful Transformations In People’s Lives.
  • You Will Become Respected And Admired For Making A Contribution To The World.
  • And The Best Part? You Will Be A Legally Qualified & Accredited Coach!
· December 12, 2022

Here’s What To Expect Over The Next 12 Weeks:

CORE TRAINING: Every Friday, your training will be automatically released into your members area at 9:00 UK time. This will include your core 2-hour coaching training, most week’s including a coaching demonstration, as well as extra resources, worksheets and training slides. You can find these underneath the main video under each section. This training is not live and is pre-recorded so you can watch it at any time that suits you.

INTERNATIONAL TIME ZONES: Due to clocks going back and forward differently for each country, we don’t provide times in other time zones, and you should always calculate your workshop times based on the UK GMT time zone. We have created a page that has all the dates and times and an international time zone calculator that you can use at

LIVE WORKSHOPS: Every Monday, you will be able to join our live and interactive coaching workshops! This is where you can ask questions, practice, get feedback and immerse yourself in action-based coaching learning!

WORKSHOP SESSIONS: You will have one workshop for each week of your training; unfortunately, if you miss a session, you cannot have this added to the end of your training. The course is a strict 13-week process.

WORKSHOP FORMAT: Although we recommend you focus on practising each week’s training in your workshop for that week, the workshops are designed to be flexible – meaning if you feel like your workshops are not in sync with your training, or there is something you wish to spend more time on, you can use your workshop session in a way that feels right for you. Of course, we will guide you, but there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and you may decide to use your time with our workshop facilitators in a way that best serves you!

HOW TO JOIN: The sessions are delivered via zoom. We’ll have your name approved ready to join! To access your workshop simply visit 5 minutes before your workshop start time so that you are not late for the session. Please keep the link safe so you know how to access your weekly workshops! We recommend saving it on your phone or adding it to your calendar each week so you don’t forget!

WORKSHOP TIMES: We have two workshops you can choose from each week that fit your timezone and schedule. You don’t need to commit to one, you can choose whatever one is best for you that week – although you are only eligible to join one workshop per week. Accreditation Workshops are on Mondays.

WEEKEND ACTIVATION: If you activated your course on the weekend, this may mean that your first workshop is before your first training is released. This is completely fine; you can use your first workshop to connect with others and get a feel for how things work before diving in properly the following week. This is a bonus workshop meaning you’ll get an additional workshop added to your course.

WORKSHOP PEERS: In your workshops, you will have students of mixed ability, some brand new like yourself, and other students who are further along the course. This allows the community to support one another and take leadership roles in guiding newer members through their coaching journey.

WORKSHOP REPLAYS: Because we use breakout rooms, there will be no replay available. We highly recommend you attend the session live; however, please remember, workshops are for practice and feedback only, all core content is delivered inside your weekly training in your members area – and will not affect your eligibility to pass the course.

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Course Includes

  • 12 Lessons